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. if this moment passes in to memory without action from washington, it will be a stain upon our nation's commitment to protecting the innocence innocent including our children. >> rose: i'm pleased to have mayor bloomberg back at this table. >> thank you for having me. >> rose: on "meet the press" yesterday, at a press conference today you believe that the time is now, that this is the moment to act, and at the same time you are chastising the president for-- i believe the time was a long time ago, the president gave a speech after the massacre in a-- aurora, colorado, saying we have to do something. here we are two years later, another 21,000 people in america killed with guns. we've done nothing. i mean, you know, i don't know at what point you have to say enough is enough. we've been killing 34 americans every single day. that's bigger than virginia tech. every single day. and you done cover it because it's 34 separate occurrences around the country. and it doesn't grab the public's imagination, psyche, sympathy, there's just-- you don't get a visceral reaction when it's people you
: still, economists say citi's action today is not the start of a new wave of mass layoffs across corporate america. the nation's job market may not be robust, but it's not frozen, either. in fact, today, the payroll firm a.d.p. reported 118,000 new private sector jobs were added in november, fewer than in october. the blame for last month's slowdown in hiring falls squarely on hurricane sandy, not on any new or widespread weakness in the economy. >> i would expect that by december, we're going to see some bounce back. much of the disruption from sandy was people simply not being able to get to work or firms not employing people that they ordinarily would have. >> reporter: friday, the government will report it's monthly snapshot of the u.s. labor market. it, too, is likely to reflect temporary effects related to the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> we're looking for only a 50,000 gain in jobs in november, well under that 170,000 average we've seen over the past three months. >> reporter: hurricane sandy's effects on hiring may be short- lived, but experts worry fiscal cliff conce
to show rebel fighters in the streets of the yarmouk camp. the rebel action began friday in an effort to drive out a pro- government palestinian faction. the chief foreign correspondent for nbc news, richard engel, has escaped from kidnappers in northern syria. he and his crew said they were dragged from their car on thursday by gunman supporting the assad regime. they escaped last night when their captors became engaged in a firefight with rebel forces. engel spoke in turkey today, flanked by two of his crew. we're very happy to be out. we're very happy to be back in turkey. we love being here. we love this country. we appreciate all the help. the last five days are days that we would rather forget. if you can understand, we just came out now. we haven't even left yet. we're very tired. >> holman: engel said he and his colleagues were kept bound and blindfolded, and subjected to mock executions. it was unclear whether all of the crew members escaped. five people working with a u.n. polio vaccination campaign in pakistan were shot to death today, possibly as part of a taliban campaign
the debt ceiling without congressional action. house republicans reject that idea. and they've called for raising revenue without rate hikes, plus major savings in entitlement programs. the president argued today a partial deal is possible on taxes, if the g.o.p. will agree to raise rates on the top 2%. >> and if we can get the leadership on the republican side to take that framework, to acknowledge that reality, then the numbers actually aren't that far apart. another way of putting this is, we can probably solve this in about a week. >> reporter: despite issuing a warning to congressional republicans, the president also expressed optimism that some gop lawmakers may be warming to the idea of allowing taxes on the wealthy to rise. but here at the capitol today, congressional republican leaders said the president should focus less on tax increases and more on spending cuts >> we put an offer on the table. now he has out of hand rejected that. where are the specifics? where are the discussions? nothing is going on. meanwhile the people of this country are the ones that suffer. >> repor
progressing and that morsi ha had to take extraordinary action to prevent that from happening. but the other side of the story is that what morsi is now doing is forcing a popular vote which undoubtedly would approve this draft constitution and then there will be parliamentary elections but it will be difficult to amend the constitution in the future. that takes two-thirds of the parliament and non-islamists know they're not going to have that. >> warner: how do you interpret his televised speech tonight? we don't have all the words, he read them in arabic but was he extending any olive branch by saying "let's have a dialogue starting saturday" or is he taking a hard line? >> i watched morsi's speech and he offered a very small crumb, i would say, to the opposition. he said that the part of the november 22 decree in which he basically gives himself any power necessary to protect the revolution has been misunderstood and he would be all right with canceling that part of it. and he invited them a dialogue with them -- with him. however the dialogue is to be on saturday which is when voting out
cut 11,000 jobs. it is the first major action taken by c.e.o. michael corbat since he took over this summer. bank of america rallied 4%, closing at $11 per share. it consistently is one of the most actively traded stocks, and it was again today. media reports indicate influential banking analyst meredith whiney upgraded her opinion of both bank of america and citigroup today. in addition to the sprint and clearwire deal, there was other monday merger news, and speculation driving stock prices. first, the speculation: general electric reportedly is close to a $4 billion deal for italian aerospace group avio. according to the wall street journal a deal could be announced thursday. orders for new airplane engines have increased with g.e. looking to buy parts supplies like avio. shares of g.e. gained 1.4% on heavier than usual volume. a.i.g. shares jumped 3% on reports it could sell its stake in the asian life insurer a.i.a. group for as much as $6.5 billion. a.i.g. still owns about a third of the asian company. canada's third largest life insurer, sun life does have a deal to sell
by any one of these particular actions but all of them together have to demonstrate that we care about the safety and security at the end of the day especially of our innocent children. >> woodruff: in fact, those were the words used by the president. he said it's a complex set of issues that's going to require a complex solution. before we get into the mental health question, i do want to do that, let me come back to you, david koppel, because what we're hearing is that banning assault weapons may be a solution. another one may very well be tightening up those background checks, not making it so easy to get these lethal weapons that many folks are saying only belong on the battlefield. >> well, none of these guns as senator feinstein is talking about is used by any military anywhere in the world. what's admitted here is that connecticut is one of those half dozen states that has a ban on so-called assault weapons and that the firearm that the murderer stole from his mother after murdering her is not an assault weapon under connecticut law. so this just illustrates that this category o
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7